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John H Finley III

Creative Development Co.

77 Franklin St.

Boston, MA 02110


Elisabeth R. Hatfield

1 Potter Pond

Lexington, MA 02421



Willliam Allin Storrer

P O Box 1121

Frankfort, MI 49635


Classmate Reports

Joan Riddell Baer

John Felstiner

Gary Pintus Schlesinger

Wini Young Blacklow

Betsy Nelson Hatfield

Thomas Sowell

Mary Costanza

C. Stephen Heard

William Allin Storrer

Nina Dimmitt

Peter Krogh

Eleanor Wilson Williams
  Keith Lorenz

John Winthrop

Kenneth E MacWilliams
Joel Mack
Francis W alter Nee Jr
Miguel Reynal

William MacGregor Ewing

Edward Howard Raymond

Nicholas Lechmere Tilney

Patricia Leary Flierl

Thomas Winthrop Rossiter Nicholas Edward Walshe
Thomas Bradlee Hooper James William Shue Kerry Beckles Wilson
William Francis Manley David King "Deke" Smith Ernest "Tony" Winsor

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